Our Story

Our humble beginnings started in 2019 from 1 person operating from home to over 100 employees today. Our goal is to make a positive impact in our participants life and that of their families, by assisting them in reaching their goals. Our values stand for Respect, Compassion, Teamwork and Cultural Diversity.

We understand the many needs of an individual and do whatever it takes to help them reach personal and professional goals no matter the cost of getting them there. We strive to deliver quality service by incorporating safeguards and human rights into all that we do and keeping our doors open for feedback so that we can continuously improve our services and deliver the best possible care.

From there, Choices and Rights have only been expanding and growing continuously from one person team over 100 employees. Choices and Rights have achieved client goals and are continuing to make a difference in the participant’s life as well as their families. Our values have been implemented company wide and practiced by everyone as we stand for respect, compassion, teamwork, and cultural diversity.