About Us

We do whatever it takes to bring you peace

Choices and Rights is one of the growing professional care providers throughout Brisbane to Sunshine Coast. We are extremely passionate about delivering exceptional care and support for our clients with disabilities.

Our Vision

To deliver exceptional care and support for our clients and supporting their journey to living their best life.

Our Mission

As part of the NDIS community, our mission is to provide support and advocate inclusivity for all abilities. To achieve our mission, we provide support through:

  • Incorporating safeguards and human rights
  • Open feedback from all to continuously improve our services and deliver the best possible care
  • Providing a personal touch on every relationship and taking the time to understand the needs of each person.
  • Creating social and cultural diversity, sharing experiences that transform and unite our values.

Our Culture

Our team represents many cultures from more than twenty different backgrounds, uniting all and disbanding barriers between us as our vision and values all align. We are committed to advocating inclusivity and recognising everyone’s different abilities. By empowering respect, trust and communicating with transparency, our team works towards bringing exceptional care and support to our clients.